How to prepare various healthy snacks

Most of the people feels to eat sweet after finishing the dinner but it should not be over sweet and it just satisfy the tooth. Many people feels that the snacks they eat is not the healthy items where it contains sugar, fat and more calories with oil so you can prepare the healthy sweet snacks in the home. The homemade healthy sweet snacks contain necessary nutrients and minerals which give strength to the tooth and there are some healthy sweet snacks can be prepared within the short time which contains necessary nutrients and vitamins which is good for the health such as:

Chocolate dipped strawberry – this healthy sweet snack can be prepared by the dipping the strawberries in the chocolate paste and refrigerate the strawberry until the chocolate which is coated over the strawberry should get hard and serve it after the dinner which gives nice taste.

Frozen chocolate banana – this sweet snack can be prepared very easily where it contains more nutrients and vitamins which are good for health. The procedure to prepare the snack is to peel the banana and cut it into equal halves and freeze it then you have to make it freeze until it gets solid. After the banana gets solid then you have to roll along with melted chocolate and also you have to get roll the sprinkle, nuts and granola and store it in the freezer again and make it to solid. After it gets solid then you have to serve it to the plate after dinner and this snack gives sweet taste which is good for the teeth.


Peanut butter and chocolate pretzels – this sweet snacks gives the taste of salty with sweet combo which helps in reducing the risk of sugar problems and this can be prepared by adding the natural peanut butter and  dark chocolate until it gets melted completely. Then you have to dig the mixture with the pretzel rods and serve it in the plate which gives the delicious sweet taste and gives strength to the teeth.


Chocolate milk – the sweet snack chocolate milk drink gives the sweetness to the body which is more effective and gives good sweetness to the teeth.

Sorbet – during the warmer season, you have eat the homemade sorbet which is healthy snack to the body and it can be prepared by honey and avoid adding the sugar in this snack because sugar gives over sweetness to the body.

Smoothie – this smoothie is the natural drinks which is good for healthy where it can consume in the breakfast and there are more than 50 smoothies are available which can be prepared by using the ingredients such as fruits and vegetables.

Fruit and cottage cheese – this recipe can be prepared within short time where it provides necessary proteins and this snack contains enough sweet so avoiding sugar and then drizzle with the honey and add the cocoa powder to recipe which prefect sweet taste which is healthy to the snacks.



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