Steps to prepare healthy sweet snacks

People must consume necessary sweet snack which is good for the tooth where the sweet snack can be eaten after finishing the dinner. The healthy sweet snack which is made in home contains the necessary nutrient and minerals also some necessary smoothie drinks can be prepared in the healthy sweet snack which gives necessary strength to the body. There are some healthy sweet drinks are can be prepared which gives necessary strength to the body.

Frozen Greek yogurt drops – this sweet snack can be prepared by Greek yogurt into frozen which make fun to eat and it can be prepared by adding the plain Greek yogurt along with the berries and get mix it well until the fruits gets broken. And make the mixture to lining up in the parchment paper and make to freeze for several hours and once it become solid then you have to pour it to the plastic baggie and store it freezer and you consume it as the snacks.


Flavored Greek yogurt – the plain yogurt is added with the sugar where the sugar is acts as the flavored and this sweet snack gives necessary proteins and it gives the feel of the stomach full until you get to next meal time.

Yogurt dipped fruit – this sweet snack can be prepared by the making yogurt coating by the adding the plain Greek yogurt along with the sugar and blend it until it gets smooth. You can coat the fruits with mixture and lined up in the parchment sheet and make it to freeze until the yogurt gets hard and then serve it in the plate which is good for health.

Fruit leather – this sweet snack is not an healthier one but it controls the sugar where they use only dried fruits which is great in satisfy the sweet tooth and make sure while preparing this sweet snack doesn’t contains the sugar.

Graham cracker with peanut butter – this sweet snack is classic where the graham cracker contains enough sweet and the peanut butter contains smooth texture. If you want more sweetness then you have to add the chocolate or cinnamon flavor which is only an optional ingredients to get sweeten in the recipe and this recipe contains necessary calcium which is good for teeth.

Nutella yogurt dip with fruit – this sweet recipe is healthier where they add pur4e chocolate which is mixed to the Greek yogurt and the fresh fruit is dipped with the nutella mixture. This sweet snack helps in controlling the low sugar in the body.

All fruit popsicle – in this sweet snack you should not add the sugar because it increase the sweetness of the recipe and it can be prepared by watermelon adding the fruit juice and freeze before consuming. If it is not the watermelon juice then you have to try any other juice like apple or berry fruit.

Cereal and milk – this sweet recipe is healthy as well as unhealthy to the body where this can be prepared by honey or cinnamon along with milk which gives healthy and strength.



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